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1.4 mm Pitch High Frequency Coaxial, Differential PCB Probe (40 GHz)


The DP1.4 Differential probe by D-COAX is used for high frequency PCB differential impedance characterization or high-speed differential or single-ended electrical signal analysis and is an excellent and affordable solution.  The probe is mounted on the compact rigid holding fixture that can be configured in two positions: horizontal position for nulling out probe-to-probe or testing and the vertical position for de-embedding the probe and testing.  This compact configuration is designed for PCB boards or direct probing of Twinax or Coaxial cable. Because the probe uses un-coupled 50 ohm semi-rigid for each channel, differential or single-ended measurements are possible.  High accuracy measurement are obtained by having low contact resistance and impedance control of the probe throughout all transitions.


The use of spring-loaded probe tips allow the probe last longer than conventional probes without losing performance or accuracy because the tips will recess into the probe body during an over-travel event.  The probe head has gold plated, rugged, crown tips that can be used for smooth or rough surfaces.


Features and Benefits

Durability - long life time, anti-crash feature, reliable contact quality

Flexibility – works on rough surface PCBs, un-coupled channels, 100 ohm differential,

50 ohm single-ended, probe twinax, probe coaxial cable

RF Performance – low insertion loss, low contact resistance, high bandwidth