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Company History

D-COAX was created in 1992 by Dan DeLessert to build high quality coaxial cable assemblies through 65GHz for OEM customers only. Short lead-time, high quality, and a fair price made this business successful.


In 2002 D-COAX was at MTTS in Seattle Washington to announce the model D14 general purpose probe station. The innovative design features allow the user to make fast and easy measurements without learning a complicated system.


In 2013 D-COAX introduced the coaxial cable assemblies through 65GHz to the general market.    OEM’s are still welcome. Semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies are built with many configurations of connectors and cables.


In 2013 D-COAX introduced its new business segment - Test Services. Test services for measuring devices are often used to do engineering modifications for improvements in reflections or higher frequency ability.

   Vector Network Analysis (VNA) to 65GHz

   Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), step pulse of 17.5ps rise time


In 2013 D-COAX introduced model W2.5XL6.5 multiple feature/low cost/portable probe station. The totally new concept in probing makes a probe station affordable for several engineers in the same department to own one. The small size and light weight makes this probe station easy to transport in its custom transport case (sold separately) or your back-pack. The multiple features of the mini probe station help the user make measurements easier.


In 2013 D-COAX added machine shop services to the R & D portion of the business to aid in innovation of D-COAX products and services.


In 2013 D-COAX created a new facility for the electrical laboratory, manufacturing, R & D, and machining.


In 2014 D-COAX introduced its new business segment - Engineering Services. Engineering Services include designing, machining and building product prototypes, RF/Microwave test fixtures and custom calibration kits.


Owners Biography

Dan DeLessert has worked in Test & Measurement and the wafer probing industry for many years. His work in the telecommunications industry include solutions in modeling, designing, prototyping, and testing interconnects, high speed cables, connectors, and assemblies. These innovative solutions create intellectual property and fill gaps that the customer was struggling to meet.


His research interests are in the area of high frequency transmission line transitions, high frequency/high channel count interconnects, high frequency balanced and unbalanced modeling and measurements in the time domain and frequency domain.


Dan DeLessert currently has 9 patents:

4,961,051 Test Fixture for Micro-strip Assemblies.

5,274,917 Method of making connector with monolithic multi-contact array.

5,451,169 Connector with monolithic multi-contact array.

5,597,326 Laminated miniature multi-conductor connector and method for manufacture.

6,575,722 BI Shielded cable terminal with contact pins mounted to printed circuit board.

7,364,474 Cable Terminal with Contact Pins Including Electrical Component

7,371,128 Cable Terminal with Air-Enhanced Contact Pins

7,815,466 Coaxial Cable to Printed Circuit Board Interface Module

8,201,328 Coaxial Cable to Printed Circuit Board Interface Module